Step 3 - Order

On the order form in our shop, you can pass the lengths and widths of each blind, as you wish. In addition, we offer you, specific to each type of blind, some other specifications you can tailor made, namely:


  • Horizontal blinds
    Roller blinds
    Vertical slats
    Japanese sliding panel
Order threw our online shop

You can order in the following manner:

go to our  shop  Your desired blinds

can be found on the basis of the product selection.

  • When you have found the desired ‘ blinds, you can enter the exact dimensions in mm of the desired blind. You do not know the exact sizes? Then go to step 2-Measuring.
  • When these sizes suitable to produce a price you will get to see.
  • After this you can choose a fabric type depending on the species ‘ blinds you have chosen.
  • Then you can choose the color of the type of fabric. You can choose different colors.
  • Then click on “order”, you can see that your product left in the shopping cart is added. You can now go to the orange menu in extra items to order. For more information, go to step 4 – payment.